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Olympus medical billing services testimonials

I wanted to thank you for being so available and dedicated in assisting me with all my billing needs. It is so comforting to me that you respond both via phone and email when I reach out to you. The transition and utilization of the software has been smooth and flawless, again thanks to your help and immediacy in response. With highest appreciation for all at Olympus Medical, I would highly recommend your services.
Dr. Rinat Tal M.D.
Board Certified Physician
Beverly Hills, CA, 90210
Working with Olympus Medical Billing has been a huge positive step for our practice. The people at Olympus Billing are very well versed in billing and quickly respond to any questions or concerns we may have. Our billing gets processed within days and everything is viewable online as to what has been processed or pending. I would highly recommend Olympus Billing to any practice that wants to adapt to automation, save time in the office and better their insurance collections!
Dr. David Miller M.D.
Family Practice
Chicago, IL 60603
Olympus Medical Management stays on top of billing and collections and does a great job in keeping cash flowing. They automatically follow up on denied claims. They know how to get claims paid and how to deal with insurance companies. They are very professional and provide personalized service. We had a billing company prior to using them; comparatively their prices are lower, and the quality of their work is much superior. I highly recommend Olympus Management.
Dr. William Richards D.C.
Denver, CO 80211
Olympus has been an invaluable part of our counseling practice. The billing manager and his team that I have been assigned are very courteous and helpful, besides knowing the nuances of behavioral health billing very well. Olympus has helped me reduce the time we spend on billing; I especially appreciate the time and effort they put in paying attention to details. Most importantly they follow up with insurance companies, the claims that have not paid on time. They charge a very reasonable percentage fee, considerably less than what I used to pay. Their services have been nothing less than exceptional. I have been very pleased with their timeliness, follow up and what is most important to me, communication. Their team is very responsive, and I look forward to our continued relationship.
Dr. LaConda Fanning
Psychological Services of Virginia
Virginia Beach, VA 23425