Specialty Medical Billing

Simplify Your Practice with Expert Medical Billing Services

Running a practice comes with loads of administrative work. Medical billing alone takes hours each week, isn’t it? Is your time better spent with patients? Leave the headaches of claim filing, rejections, and collections to medical billing expert.

Why Medical Billing Services Matter

Filing insurance claims is complicated, time-consuming, and frustrating. Complex rules and codes change all the time. Plans reject claims for minor errors and you wait months for reimbursement. Without optimized billing processes, you’re losing thousands in revenue each year. And valuable hours that could be spent with patients.

Professional medical billing services solve these problems through:

  • Increased reimbursement: Specialists catch errors early and follow-up relentlessly until claims are paid in full.
  • Faster payments: Outsourcers file claims electronically for quicker processing and use technology to accelerate paperwork.
  • Denial management: Experts appeal rejections and denied claims to capture lost revenue.
  • Compliance expertise: Billers understand changing requirements to avoid penalties and audits.

Outsourcing gives your practice the revenue and time savings you need to thrive.

Introducing Olympus Medical Billing

We believe that Olympus Medical Billing stands out as your top choice. Here’s why practices across specialties trust Olympus with their medical billing and revenue cycle management:

Customized for Each Practice

Olympus begins by learning the ins and outs of your practice. This allows them to design customized processes that fit your specific needs. Their experts will manage billing your way while leveraging best practices honed from years of experience.

Month-to-month contracts let you scale services as practice needs evolve.

All Services Under One Roof

Many billing companies nickel-and-dime by charging extra fees for critical services. Not Olympus.

Their comprehensive billing plan includes:

  • Medical billing services
  • Rejections appeals and denial management
  • Coding audits and optimization
  • Patient statements
  • Monthly performance reports

Expect complete, concierge-level service with no hidden costs.

Cloud-Based Access

If your practice does not already have a software, Olympus helps to choose one that fits your needs and budget. Olympus utilizes leading practice management softwares. This enables real-time claim tracking and instant access to reports. You’ll gain insights into metrics like:

  • Claim status & aging
  • Rejection reasons
  • Revenue by payer
  • Coding optimization opportunities

Stay informed with 24/7 access from any device.

We Got the Hassle Out of Your Work

Collecting payment from insurance plans is frustrating. Plans delay payments, unfairly reject claims, and create headaches for practices. Olympus levels the playing field with bulldog-like tenacity and years of experience. Their experts act as an extension of your practice to:

  • Prompt follow-up on unpaid claims
  • Appeal 100% of erroneous rejections
  • Identify reasons for denials and prevent future issues
  • Provide progress reports and optimize as needed

Let Olympus fight to get your practice paid what you’re owed.

The Most Valuable Revenue Cycle Investment

Outsourced medical billing provides an impressive ROI but choosing the wrong provider can negatively impact your practice. Olympus Medical Billing offers an unmatched blend of service, technology, and expertise. Their specialists become an extension of your team.

With Olympus as a partner, you gain:

  • Increased collections and faster claims payment
  • More time to devote to excellent patient care
  • The ability to scale services as your practice grows
  • A compliance shield against costly audits

Simplify your practice and unlock new revenue potential with Olympusmed – get your free, no-obligation analysis today!