Reasons to Choose Olympus Medical Billing

With so many medical billing companies to choose from, you might be wondering what the Olympus Medical Billing difference truly is. Our professional Medical Billing Specialists are unique for a number of reasons, making our medical billing services along with billing services for other health care providers such as chiropractic billing services, physical therapy billing services, mental health billing services and more work for your unique needs. Just some of the many reasons to choose our medical billing company over others include:

1. Income Growth, Reduced Account Receivables

Even after paying our modest fees, our clients are guaranteed a 10% to 20% increase in income from their practices. This means more money, less accounts receivable and the security of working with a service for physicians, by physicians. Many companies claim the same, but we guarantee it in that you don’t have to pay us if we are not meeting your expectations. We give a 30 day free trial to all our new clients. We don’t have any long term contracts; you can cancel anytime; to be certain we will work very hard to keep you as our clients.

2. Rapid Payment from Insurance Companies

Our team of medical billers is performance-driven, meaning that we relentlessly pursue your account receivables and manage claims properly to reduce denied claims and other common delays. With no administrative or hidden expenses commonly incurred with in-house medical billing companies, you can save a lot of money by letting us handle your insurance billing.

3. Fewer Write-Offs of Insurance Adjustments

Insurance companies commonly request unnecessary adjustments, meaning that you get less money than you deserve. With over 10 years of experience, Olympus Medical Billing ensures that you get what is rightfully yours while reducing the number of insurance accounts receivables over 90 days to zero.

4. Greater Organizational Stability

Staff-turnover at medical practices can be disruptive, and Olympus Medical Billing can help. Our full service company can handle all of your insurance applications and credentialing, fee-schedule negotiations, contract reviews and medical transcription, avoiding the delay associated with finding new staff members. With no long-term contracts, you can use our medical billing services at your convenience, allowing you to terminate services at any time, should you want to do so.

5. Increased Staff Focus on Patient Co-Pays

Accurate treatment plan estimates are essential to proper patient care, meaning that your staff needs time to verify insurance, check fee schedules while creating a welcoming atmosphere and positive relationship with each patient. Our medical billing services remove the burden of account receivables from your staff’s responsibilities, allowing them to focus on care that makes patients more likely to pay. We can also do insurance verification so that your staff is free to do other important things.

6. Create Enduring Organization

Proper organization and referencing of EOBs is essential to be able to explain to patients why a claim might be denied, meaning that disorganization is often costly in terms of patient relationships and trust. Our medical billing services include the implementation of a network of searchable PDF versions of all EOBs, allowing you to easily access this vital information.

If you’re in need of a comprehensive medical billing company that understands your medical billing dilemmas, contact Olympus Medical Billing at 800 216 2399; or fill out the contact form, for a team who can help you get to where you want to be.